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Tropical Wooden Serving Bowl – Set of 4

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Tropical Serving Bowl: Serve your favorite snacks and appetizers in this beautifully grained wood bowl. Hand carved by village artisans in India.

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Tropical Serving Bowl: Serve your favorite snacks and appetizers in this beautifully grained wood bowl. Hand carved by village artisans in India.

This will enhance the beauty of your interiors, as it can also be used as a potpourri bowl for decoration and used as just a piece of art.

This is excellent choice for gifting on occasions like wedding and house warming parties etc

This bowl is crafted from a single piece of Mango wood. It delivers a natural and rustic appeal to any tabletop

Dimensions: 6 Inches

Care Instructions: Clean the wooden bowl with damp cloth after each use, DO NOT WASH UNDER TAP WATER

Proudly Made in India

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Raise your Dining Experience

If you are a cook who loves to hold housewarming parties for your colleagues and get-together for your friends and relatives, then you must pay a little attention to tables to elevatethe dining experience to the next level. In this, serving bowls hold the power and essence to make your dinner table look appealing.

So, what are you waiting for? Set your dining table by replacing normal dishware with bowls. Normal dishware has become outdated and in the online world, you can find a plethora of wooden bowls that you can choose as per the occasion, your taste and preferences, party theme, number of guests etc. They are a trend in every modern kitchen in present times.

If you are looking for appealing and stylish kitchenware to leave an amazing impression on your guest, then you must invest your time and money in buying a wide range of wooden bowls online from Nestroots. Made in India, these bowls highlight the handicraft and artistic character.
Their unique character makes them a perfect gift to present to your loved ones on occasions like Diwali, weddings, house warming party etc.

Thus raise the dining experience with these decorative bowls that aid in making your table look appealing.

Best Serving Bowl from Nestroots

The serving bowl is the decorative home décor that adds a contemporary and authentic look to the space. At Nestroots, you get the best quality of wooden serving bowls at an affordable price. They are handcrafted and authentic as they are hand-carved by the village artisans of India. These beautiful bowls are crafted from a single piece of mango wood thus giving an appealing and natural look. The use of this wood ensures durability. They are ideal for modern kitchens and tables.

These wooden printed bowls are quoted with food grade lacquer thus making them perfectly fit for serving food. They come in floral, printed patterns to name a few and in many color options like green, brown, blue, copper-toned, multicolor, white, pink to name a few. As per your need and number of guests, you can buy a set of one, two, three and four bowls.

At Nestroots, as a part of a bowl set, you get one big spoon and one fork both of which are made up of stainless steel with copper electroplating. Apart from these, you can also opt for a multicolor metallic serving bowl set. As these decorative bowls come in different colors and designs, they look attractive and eye-catching when placed with flowers on a center table.

To ensure the durability and longevity of these authentic and stylish home décor, you must wipe clean them with a damp cloth. You should also make ensure that there is no direct contact with water and don’t microwave it.

Versatile Character

Serving bowls look pretty and are less susceptible to damage and breakage. Their versatile character makes them a must-have for every modern kitchen. You can serve a plethora of items in these artistic bowls.

• Serve tropical dishes

In tropical countries like India, these wooden bowls are apt to serve tropical items likecurry and fruits.

• Use as breakfast bowls

People of today have become diet conscious and they prefer to have cereals, oats, cornflakes in the morning. Nothing can be better than having your breakfast in these bright and colorful bowls.

• Serve bowl rice recipes

Use these aesthetically appealing bowls to serve rice bowl recipes, as they hold all the elements concretely. Thus use these decorative wooden bowls to make your food even more appealing.

• Salad serving bowl

These bowls are apt for salads as you can easily mix all the ingredients of salad with ease and comfort. You can opt to enjoy rice salad, fruits salad and even veggies salad in these attractive bowls

Apart from the above-mentioned usage, you can use these appealing and attractive items to serve sweet dish and dry fruits to the guests in the festive season and also use these to serve chips, chocolates, cookies to your kids.

Serving Bowls Vs Dishes

Once you start using wooden bowls to serve, then there is no looking back. At any moment they are way better than dishware on many fronts.

• In dishes, you don’t have many options in terms of color and designs but in the wooden bowls, you get so much variety that you can pick as per the color of your table mat, the theme of your party.

• Dishes don’t offer much versatility in terms of usage, whereas you can use the bowls in whatever way you want to as per the need and preference.

• With dishes, you end up putting too much effort into cleaning them but with these bowls, you save a lot of time and effort to clean them.

• Dishes are very simple and boring with not so much creativity and designs. Those who have just remodeled their kitchen or buy a new one are looking for a vibrant, appealing and decorative set of bowls to make their food presentation look good.

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