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The Inseperables Cutlery Holder

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The Inseparables Flatware Caddy: There has to be a better way to round up all your flatware, right – this Teak Wood and gold flatware caddy stylishly hold your entire tabletop cutlery in place.


Material Box – Teak Wood, Handles – Iron with Golden Powder Coating

Dimensions – 10 W X 6.25 W X 5.5 H Inches


Spoon Stand for Dining Table

Can be used as a Spoon Stand for Dining Table or Centre Table for regular home use to store cutlery like tea spoons, serving spoons, forks, knives etc. tissue papers, salt pepper holders, ketchup bottles etc

Cutlery Rack for Kitchen

Cutlery Holder for Kitchen Rack – Store and organise your cutlery & cooking tools in one place for convenience while using them

Cutlery & Sauces Jar Stand for Cafes

Cafe/Restaurant/Hotel/Bars Use – These Spoon Stands are perfect for any cafe, restaurant, bars or hotel to keep it at the centre of the table for neatly storing all the Cutlery, Tissue papers, Seasoning shakers & ketchup bottles in one place

Pen or Stationary Stand for Offices & Home

Pen Stand & Stationary Box: The Sheesham wood box can also be used to keep pens, pencils, notepads, scissors etc


Made of Sheesham Wood

The Stand is made of Pure Sheesham Wood with Iron Gold polished handles, the natural wood gives a unique texture to each piece, making it a classic everyone shown own.

Strong Iron Handles

The metallic handles are made of rust free iron, which ensures strength & durability to the product

Food Grade Lacquer Coating

The Top base of the wood is coated with Food Grade Lacquer making it safe for serving food items, it can be safely used for kids parties etc.

Termite Proof for Durability

The wood is termite proofed to ensure durability of the stand, the wood is also baked to make sure it retains it shape & size in all weather conditions.

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Spoon stand – A key to Organized Kitchen

Unorganized cutlery gives you pain, wastes your time and makes suboptimal usage of the space. When the cutlery is not properly arranged, the kitchen looks messy. It leaves you in an awkward situation at a get-together party when the guests couldn’t help themselves with ease and comfort to access the right cutlery. You can present such situations by buying the spoon stand online from the shopping store of Nestroots.

Spoon stand for dining table can enhance your dining experience beautifully if you get the right kind of it. It helps you in organizing the spoons, forks and others in an organized way. It plays an important role in making everything neat and organized. An important part of dinnerware, you can avail yourself of a wide range of wooden spoon stand at Nestroots quite easily. It is a time to sort everything with the best wooden cutlery holder.

Buying the right cutlery stand as per your requirement is important so that you can arrange things in a precise way. At Nestroots, you get the best quality coupled with a wide range of patterns and designs options that will suit your requirement. It is a time to sort everything with the atheistically attractive and stylish wooden spoon holder.

Vast Collection at Nestroots

A cutlery stand is one organizer that helps you to keep your cutlery in one place. Today it is more than a piece of the organizer, it holds the power to enhance the aesthetics of your home with an attractive and stylish look.

At Nestroots, you get a wide range of collections that will surely fetch a dozen of compliments for you. Like you can go for –

• The inseparable cutlery holder
Made up of teak wood, it gives an authentic and unique texture to the whole product. It is termite-proof to ensure the durability of the product. It is coated with food-grade lacquer thus making it safe to store cutlery like spoons, forks, knives. This wooden cutlery holder features iron handles coated with colors like gold, black, cane powder to name a few.

• Floral cutlery holder

Made up of mango wood, it gives a rustic look to every piece. It is a trendy way to store spoon and table accessories. It is an ideal stand that comes with 3 different compartments that enables you to keep spoon, forks, knives and tissue paper. This floral design cutlery stand is sure that you must own.

At Nestroots, you get the best quality at a reasonable price. You get artistic and elegant cutlery stands that are made in India and are crafted keeping in mind the need of the users.

Advantages of Cutlery Stand

A kitchen is an important part of any home and you must equip it with designer and stylish kitchenware. A cutlery stand in a kitchen fulfills many purposes besides being a decorative item of the home décor that adds more beauty to the kitchen. Let us dive into the reasons that make cutlery stand the necessity in every modern and vintage kitchen –

• As you can keep knives and other cooking tools in one place, a cutlery stand makes the food preparation easy as the necessary cutlery is available in one place and is easily accessible.

• It is an important space savior that uses minimum space to keep all your cutlery thus giving a nice and organized look. Apart from this, it complements well all other kitchen items.

• There is an ease of maintenance as it doesn’t come with complex cleaning and maintenance. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean it.

• Once you get bored with the cutlery stand, you can put it into many uses. Thus, it inhibits a versatility character.

It is a stylish and elegant nest for all your cutlery so buy a spoon stand online from Nestroots and give your kitchen a dash of trendy look and feel.

Multiple Usages of Stand

Have you got bored with using the same cutlery for a long time and planning to buy a new one from Nestroots? Are you confused about what to do with the older one? If yes, then this piece is for you.

• Though a cutlery stand is an important kitchen accessory, you can put it into multiples uses instead of sidelining it.

• You can use it to keep seasoning shakers and ketchup bottles in one place.

You can also convert it into a pen stand and stationery box to keep pens, pencils, scissors etc. You can place it on your workstation for easy accessibility and availability.

With its versatile character and multiple usages, the cutlery stand turns out to be an important asset for your kitchen and home décor.

If your friend has opened a bar or café and if you are planning to present a thoughtful yet stylish and elegant gift, then a dining table spoon stand can be a good option.

Buy Cutlery Stand Online

It is a time to switch to modern and stylish kitchenware that not only adds beauty to your kitchen but also provides you ease and comfort. When you buy online from the Nestroots store, you get the best quality and a seamless buying experience. From choosing the product to placing the order, you experience a hassle-free experience. There is a reviews section where a buyer can post reviews about the product. So, whenever you are unable to make a decision, you must read the real reviews of the buyers. They contain detailed information about the products, their advantages and disadvantages and much more furthermore as buyers post the image of the product received, you can analyze how the product looks like.

You get to avail yourself of easy payment options and return policies so that you get the best shopping experience with Nestroots. You can shop 24×7 from anywhere along with that you can of discounts and offers from time to time to take advantage of lower prices.

At Nestroots, apart from buying a wooden cutlery stand, you can have a look at the collection varying from kitchen accessories to home décor.

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