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New Wine Glass Silver Set of 4

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The Stainless Steel Wine Glass is an essential piece of your sophisticated barware. These beer glasses are perfect for serving all your beverages with no sharp edges that make safe and easy drinking. Ideal for any table setting from casual dinners or outdoor to a fun party and keep the Wine cold.

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The Stainless Steel Wine Glass is an essential piece of your sophisticated barware. These beer glasses are perfect for serving all your beverages with no sharp edges that make safe and easy drinking. Ideal for any table setting from casual dinners or outdoor to a fun party and keep the Wine cold. These Glasses are used for Wine or Beer as it keeps the content chilled and fresh for a longer time as compared to a Glass or Plastic Mug / Glass. All-purpose wine glasses are elegant and can use daily or keep them for special occasions or any drinking party. Also, these wine glasses can be used for serving cold drinks.

This Stainless Steel Wine glass or mug makes it ideal for gifting to your Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, Boss, or Colleagues who enjoy drinking or serving beverages.




Metal – Stainless Steel

Finish: Food grade lacquer coating

Dimensions: 4 X 4 X 3.5 Inches

Set Size: 4 Wine Glass

Capacity: 12 Ounce/350 ml


Special Finishes: Electroplating Stainless Steel,

Wash Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

DISCLAIMER: Do not wash with a hard or iron sponge.

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Buy the Best Barware for Your Home Bar
If you love inviting friends and relatives to your place, you must ensure that you have the right amenities to entertain them. One of the must-haves for a home that keeps hosting people is a bar. If you think that serving the most talked-about wine or whiskey is enough to make your guests happy, you are wrong. Your bar must be equipped with certain barware to provide your friends and family with an authentic bar-like experience.
If you are looking for the best barware set available on the market at the moment, you are at the right place. Nestroots has the most unique and comprehensive collection of accessories and tools you’ll love to have in your home bar. You can consider buying them even if you run a restaurant or bar. They will not only make drinks look and taste special but will also work as items of decoration for your house.
Keep reading to get acquainted with our bar tool collection and be the best host in town.
The Highlights of Our Collection
Nestroots’ collection includes every single item a bar must-have. Each of these products come with their own speciality. They score heavily in almost every department let it be their design, their built, their quality, and more.
Being a company based out of India, we care about our traditions and never miss an opportunity to show off our love for our culture. So, the products you’ll get in our store are different from the ones available at other shops selling bar accessories. If you think like us i.e., if you want to embrace Indian traditions, you’ll need just a few seconds to fall in love with our collection.
Some of the finest items you’ll find at our store are:
Wine Glasses: The wine glasses in our collection are all made of the highest quality stainless steel. Depending on your preference, you can choose glasses with copper, gold, or silver coating.
As you’ll browse through the wine glass collection of our online store, you’ll see that we have options available for all kinds of buyers. Suppose you have an existing set of Nestroots wine glasses and just want to add one or two more to it. To match your needs aptly, we have all our wine glasses available in sets of one and two. First-time buyers, however, can choose anyone from our sets of four and six.
Our designers and craftsmen work together to ensure that the final product is easy to handle and doesn’t cause any harm to the user despite being sturdy metal structures. The wine glasses we sell don’t have any sharp edges and boast a food-grade lacquer coating. As a result of being made of metal, these glasses can keep the liquor cold for a much longer period than the ones made of glass.
Beer Mugs: We also have an impressive collection of beer mugs. These products are equally beautiful to look at and boast the ability to make even simple settings appear sophisticated thanks to their extraordinary design and construction. The metal body of these mugs will keep your drink chilled and fresh for a longer period. You cannot expect similar things from plastic and metal mugs that are so readily available on the market.
Wine Rack: Not all homes have the space required to accommodate big wine racks. If you live in one such home, we have a beautiful solution ready for you. Have a look at our wired wine racks. They are perfect for storing six large bottles of your favourite liquors, which is enough for a normal home that hosts parties occasionally.
The racks are made of iron and are available in three colours, gold, silver, and copper. The sturdy iron structures come with gold/silver/copper powder coating for a perfect royal finish. You should opt for a colour that matches your home’s interior aptly.
Having a wired wine rack at one corner of your living room will make the space look more stylish than ever before. If you have a dedicated room for setting up your bar, you can of course get a couple of these (or even more if the space permits) and arrange the bar area of your abode.
Bar Tools: To add a professional touch to your bar, you must equip it with bar tools. Buy bar tools that complement the other bar accessories you have. Our collection includes bar tool sets featuring four of the most essential bar equipment. You’ll get an ice tong, a peg measurer, a cheese knife, and a bottle opener. Having these tools would allow you to make the most mouth-watering mocktails and cocktails for your guests.
The tools are all made of high-quality stainless steel, while the stands have a stainless-steel upper body and base crafted out of mango wood. Maintaining these products is easy. You’ll only need to wipe them regularly using a damp cloth.
Our Bar Accessories Make Perfect Gifts for Him
Gifting for him was never so simple.
It’s not easy to find gifts for the special men in our life. We have solved this problem permanently. Your dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband will love to receive the above-mentioned bar accessories as gifts.
Just check their collection before you start shopping. This will allow you to pick items that are missing from their existing collection and complement bar accessories they already have.
We Offer Products for the Most Reasonable Prices
One of the main reasons why our store has managed to get positive reviews from all customers is the prices of our products. No other shop will offer you such durable, attractive, and quality products for such affordable prices. So, if you have plans of buying bar accessories online, never look beyond Nestroots.
What’s more, you’ll get something in our store irrespective of your budget. For instance, if you don’t have plans of spending a big amount, you can buy just a cocktail shaker or a wine glass from the Nestroots store. There are also umpteen buying options available for buyers with bigger budgets.

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