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New Stainless Steel Maroon Serving Platter

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The decorative stainless steel round serving platter features a plain maroon finish that is perfect to impress your guests while serving snacks, cookies, tea, desserts. An eye-catching snacks dessert serving platter for your home, kitchen, cafe, restaurant, office. It gives a royal touch to your home decor.

The decorative stainless steel round serving platter features a plain maroon finish that is perfect to impress your guests while serving snacks, cookies, tea, desserts. An eye-catching snacks dessert serving platter for your home, kitchen, cafe, restaurant, office. It gives a royal touch to your home decor.

The Serving Platter for the dining table, use regularly at home for serving meals, snacks, tea, or coffee daily. Serving platter for parties, impress your guests with this beautiful platter by serving drinks, dry fruits, starters, snacks, etc. The platter can use it to sort your jewelry and artifacts and use it as a decoration piece.
It Can be used as table decor by placing flowers and candles etc.

Perfect for gifting to your friends, family, relatives, wedding or marriage anniversary, etc.


Material: Stainless steel with food-grade lacquer

Dimensions: Diameter 10 Inches

Set Size: 1 Serving Platter


Wash Care: Wipe clean with a Damp cloth or wash with a soft sponge and shine will last longer.

Disclaimer: Do not use an iron sponge.

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An Attractive Collection Of Serving Platters And Cheese Knives Embodies Class
If you want your home to have a classy look and feel, you must be choosy about every single item you fill your abode with. Your job doesn’t end only with buying the right furniture, appliances, and upholstery. You should be perfect even with your selection of cutlery and crockery. This page is about serving platters and cheese knives.
These two items will play crucial roles in your household particularly if you love to invite people to your place. The food you’ll serve would taste even better if you use the right accessories when serving them.
These items can come in handy even for converting the dull everyday meals into something exciting without putting any additional effort in the kitchen. If you buy high-quality platters and knives, they will remain in perfect shape even if you use them regularly.
You can rely on us and our collection of serving platters and cheese knives both in terms of look and quality. Read on to know more about the products we are offering at the moment in this category.
Know the Materials
When buying from us, you can rest assured about the quality of the materials and the way they are used.
The Platters
Wood: Few materials are as elegant as wood. As we always want to cater to customers, who epitomise grace and sophistication, wood is one of the most frequently used materials for our platters.
When it comes to wood, the one type that stands out is teak wood. The teakwood platters in our collection are surely the finest ones you’ll come across on the market.
Our wood platters are available in a range of shapes and sizes. So, you’ll not have a tough time getting wood platters matching your exact needs. There are pieces suitable for serving desserts, fries, pizzas, and more.
Marble: If you want your serving platform to have a royal look, don’t look beyond our collection of marble platters. These platters will make even the simplest snacks look like regal delicacies thanks to the gorgeous finish they have.
Nestroots works with the most skilled craftsmen around. As a result, despite being handcrafted, these pieces are flawless. When not in use and placed inside a glass cabinet, these items can act as attractive artefacts and enhance the appearance of your living space. In other words, the marble platters can enhance your home décor without you knowing it.
Stainless Steel: The stainless-steel platters in our collection are available in a series of eye-catching colours. You’ll get pieces complementing the shades used in your home’s interiors (including that of your upholsteries and furniture).
We always use food-grade lacquer to add a shiny finish to our stainless-steel platters. This makes the items look even more striking.
You may be planning to serve dishes native to India or delicacies originating in foreign lands, these steel platters would make them look even more sumptuous.
Our stainless-steel platters are mostly round in shape. Some come with high edges, while others have the traditional saucer-like shape.
Copper: Some wooden platters in our collection feature copper handles, which make those products strikingly beautiful.
TheCheese Knives
StainlessSteel: Stainlesssteel is our go-to material when crafting cheese knives. If you are looking for cheese and butter knife sets on our website, you’ll come across pieces crafted only out of high-quality stainlesssteel. These knives have been designed artistically to match your dining setting.
Depending on your preference, you can opt for sets that come with gold plating or pick sets featuring the original stainless-steel colour. Whatever might be your choice, the knives will be finished with a food-grade lacquer coating for extra shine.
Wood: Our luxurious cheese knife sets are usually crafted out of a combination of wood and stainlesssteel. Here also, we never compromise the quality of any of the materials. The mirror-finished stainless-steel blades of the knives look even more dazzling thanks to the contrasting texture of the wooden handles.
Here also, you’ll have the option of choosing between gold-plated sets and sets boasting the original stain-steel-coloured blades.
Our Products Are Versatile
One area where our serving platter and cheese knife collection outscores similar collections offered at other stores is its versatility. We have products to meet all kinds of needs you may have. There are items suitable for casual dinners, everyday use, as well as corporate dinner parties.
You can use our platters for serving everything from starters to main courses to desserts. These platters can also be used as cheese boards when serving the eternally delicious combination of wine and cheese.
When it comes to cheese knives, our collection includes knives suitable for cutting all kinds of cheeses. For instance, we have the best wide-bladed knives for cutting crumbly cheeses like feta. When shopping at our online store, you’ll also come across knives designed for cutting moderately soft cheeses like cheddar and hard cheeses like parmesan.
Our Platters and Cheese Knives Can Be the Best Gifts for Her
Gifting is the easiest way to win a girl’s heart. Are you planning to gift something to your beloved? If yes, you can consider choosing something from our collection of platters and cheese knives. Most women love to receive household items as gifts. So, you’ll need little time to impress the woman you love if you give her something as amazing as these products by Nestroots.
When shopping from our store, you’ll have the option of customising gift hampers for your dear one by adding interesting products like cake stands and serving spoons to the card along with platters and cheese knives.
Buy Cheese Knives and Serving Platters Online India
We have succeeded in getting amazing reviews from all our customers not only because of our stylish products but also due to our easy ordering, payment, shipping, and return policy.
You may be looking to buy knife set or serving platters online Nestroots can offer you the most exciting shopping experience. The website enables easy navigation and once you add your favourite products to the cart, you’ll be directed to a quick and easy checkout process.
What’s more, when buying from us, you’ll never get to complain about the price. Despite maintaining quality, we never fail to make our collection affordable. Additionally, we keep offering attractive discounts from time to time.
To make the shopping experience smoother, we allow buyers to choose from different payment modes, which include internet banking, online wallets, and cards. Once the order is placed, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get the products delivered to your doorsteps promptly.

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