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Modish Masala Box

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The compact and portable design of our Masala Box round rack sits on the kitchen counter without taking too much space, it’s a great wooden tabletop Spice Jars Container, and it matches evenly with the rest of your stainless steel appliances. It’s very handy and frees up space to store other cooking ingredients.

MATERIAL, DIMENSIONS & SET SIZE: [Material] Base – Teak Wood, Jars – Stainless Steel with Brass Plating & food grade lacquer, Lid – Stainless Steel with PU Food Grade Lacquer; Color – Golden [Dimensions] Base – Diameter 9 Inches, Jars – Diameter 2.7 Inches, Height – 2 Inches; [Set Size] 7 Spice Jar Containers, 1 Box, 1 Lid,

SPECIAL FINISHES: [1] Food grade lacquer has been used as a coating; [2] The lid is PU Lacquer coated which makes it Scratch resistant, [3] The lid & jars are brass plated;

WASH CARE: Do not wash directly with water or soap, use a damp cloth to clean;

DISCLAIMER: Do not put salt in any container as it will cause corrosion & make the jars rusty. products are proudly Made in India & are Sustainable & Environment Friendly.


Masala Box / Spice Jars for Kitchen

Use it as a masala box in your kitchen, place all the herbs & spices in the jars & close it with the lid to protect from moisture

Mouth Fresheners Serving Box for Home

Can be used to serve mouth fresheners or dry fruits to guests at a party or permanently placed at a centre or dining table

Serve Dry Fruits to Guests

Use it for Serving Dry Fruits like almonds, cashews & dates to guests & at parties

Keep Toffees & Candies for Kids

Store & Serve candies, toffees & chocolates for kids, keep them on the Dining table permanently if you have a sweet tooth & like having a candy on the go


Make it a Sewing Kit

Make it a Sewing Kit & keep your threads, needles & buttons in place

Use it as a Medicine Kit

Make a Medicine Box out of it & store your bandages & medicines safely

Rust free Iron Lid

The metallic lid is made of rust free iron, which ensures strength & durability to the product

Food Grade Lacquer Coating

The Top base of the wood & lid is coated with Food Grade Lacquer making it safe for serving food items, it can be safely used for kids parties etc.

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A well-furnished and modern equipped kitchen enhances the look and feels of your elegant and sophisticated home. The contemporary kitchenware holds the power to grab the attention of every guest. The kitchen masala box is one such important element of kitchenware that can attract the eyeballs of every guest with its authentic and beautifully crafted design and pattern. It has outperformed itself with its sophisticated design and modern look and feel and is not a mere masala box of spices and herbs.

Masala Box – Essence of Indian Household

Indian cuisine is incomplete without a variety of spices and herbs and in every household, you will find a masala dabba to store ingredients like cumin seeds, red chilli powder, salt, coriander powder to name a few. For any Indian cook, masala dabba holds an important place and is the most prized kitchenware. With a masala box, you cook your favourite dish with ease as you get every important ingredient in one place in a well-organized way. As there are different containers, within the masala box, for every spice and herb you are free from the tension of spices getting mixed up with each other.

Masala boxes ensure that the spices and herbs are free from moisture. Fresh spices are of utmost importance to bring the authentic taste of each spice and herb in any dish thus best masala boxes ensure that spices don’t lose their aroma and taste.

Purchase Best Masala Box from Nestroots

At Nestroots, you get a wooden masala box that contains 7 jars and 1 lid with each jar made up of either stainless steel or iron with the top base of the wood is coated with food grade lacquer. The metallic lid is made up of rust free iron thus increasing the lifespan of the product also it is coated with food grade lacquer. You don’t have to worry about the carrying capacity as each jar comes has a diameter of 2.7 inches and a height of 2 inches and the whole masala box is 9 inches in diameter.

The holistic character of the handcrafted masala box makes it a must have in every modern kitchen. Besides this, its round shape sits well on the kitchen counter without taking too much space. This attractive kitchenware compliments rest of your stainless appliances thus seamlessly going well with your well-furnished modern kitchen.

Online shopping stores are flooded with masala boxes. At Nestroots, you get a wide range of masala boxes that are handcrafted and come in different styles and patterns. The USP of these masala boxes lies in their authentic and contemporary designs, you can either go with the floral design, multicolor print to name a few, thus perfectly complementing the entire look of your kitchen.

Make an Informed Decision
When you get a plethora of options, getting confused to buy which masala box is natural. The solution to this dilemma is genuine reviews. These reviews help you to make an informed decision as many verified customers post their opinion about the product along with the images. Hence you not only get real reviews but also get to see the image of the product delivered to the buyers.

You can also post your reviews along with the image, after buying the masala box online from Nestroots thus helping other prospective buyers to make a rational decision.

Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

If your loved ones have just bought a new home or renovated their existing ones and you are confused about what to present them as a gift which can be used by them on daily basis. An attractive and handcrafted masala box with floral and printed designs can be a good option after all it is important kitchenware. It is one of the kitchenware items that never get outdated and is used on the daily basis. You can buy masala boxes online from the online store of Nestroots. You can go with silver or copper color for your wooden spice box. These printed masala boxes also come in multicolor, pink, blue to name a few.

Multiple Usage of Masala Boxes

If you get bored of using the same masala box for a long period but don’t want to throw it away. You can put this attractive and printed spices box in so many uses like

• Mouth Fresher Serving Box

Your spices box can be used to serve different types of mouth freshers, one in each jar, to your guests thus giving a new look and feel altogether.

• Serve Dry Fruits

During Indian festivals like Diwali, the set of masala box can be used to serve different types of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, dates to your relatives and guests, thus giving a unique touch to the whole concept of serving.

• Keep Toffees for Kids

Kids always look for chocolates and toffees everywhere in the kitchen. Using spices box to store toffees is a great way to provide easy accessibility of them to the children by placing the box on the dining table.

• Use it as Medicine Box

A well organised medicine box is a must in every home. You can convert your masala box into a medicine kit for the easy availability and accessibility of medicine at the time of emergency.

Seamless Shopping Experience with Nestroots

When you buy an Indian spice box from Nestroots, you get the best printed and attractive best quality spices dabba at the best price, without burning a hole in your pocket. Apart from this, you get a smooth and hassle free shopping experience. Its seamless buying procedure aims at giving maximum ease and satisfaction.

Choose your favourite spices box, add it to the cart and experience the seamless checkout process and get it delivered at your doorstep on time. At Nestroots, the aim is to provide you easy ordering and return policy to redefine your overall shopping experience. You get a wide range of payment options like debit/credit cards, online wallets, or internet banking. Besides huge discount offers and deals are offered from time to time

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