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Elegant Cake Server Wooden Handle Set of 2

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Classic dessert serving duo is elegantly crafted in copper finish with a smooth, hand-polished satin finish. The cake knife and pie server share strategically contoured heads and flowing handles with squared-off tips.

Cake Server Online

Classic dessert serving duo is elegantly crafted in gold finish with a smooth, hand-polished satin finish wooden handle. The cake knife and pie server share strategically contoured heads and flowing handles with squared-off tips.

Use a dessert serving knife to cut the cake on any special occasion such as a Birthday cake or Anniversary. The look is elegant which is perfect for any house party or Official party, The knife can also be used to slice pizzas as a cutter or cut pancakes & pies, etc.
Make these cake servers and knives a perfect choice for gifting your family or friends.


Material: Stainless Steel with Copper Plating

Dimensions: Knife: 11.5 X 1, Server: 10.5 X 2 Inches

Set Size: 2 Piece Set – 1 Serving Spatula, 1 Cake Cutting Knife.


Special Finishes: Food Grade Lacquer Quoted Stainless Steel

Wash Care: Wipe Clean with a damp Cloth

Disclaimer: Do not wash directly with water or soap

Proudly Made in India

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Cake Stands And Servers Can Be The Best Gifts You Can Buy For A Woman
If you are in search of gifting ideas for a woman who loves baking, this is the page you belong to. Pick a cake stand from our mind-blowing collection and you’ll definitely see the much-wanted glee on her face.
In fact, the cake stand collection of our store will come to your rescue every time you look to gift something to a woman. That’s because these items are must-haves for all households that host parties and get-togethers. Women will love to have one of these pieces in their cupboard irrespective of whether they bake or not.
The most fascinating thing about our collection is that every item in it has been designed to complement your home décor. To put it otherwise, whatever might be the kind of home décor you have, we have a piece that would match it aptly. All these facts stand true even for our cake servers.
Read on to get acquainted with the cake stand and server collection of our online shop.
Why Should the Serving Collection of Every House Include a Cake Stand and Cake Servers?
You may have baked the best cake of your life or might have ordered one from the most famous bakery in your area. You would definitely want the cake to look as good as it can. You cannot achieve this goal of yours without a cake stand.
However, you must be picky when choosing a cake stand for yourself or for gifting purposes. It will come in handy only if it looks great and is of high quality. The cake stands at Nestroots are the finest available in India. They are stylish, classy, and will make even ordinary cakes look special.
Having a cake stand will not only make cutting a cake easier but will also make serving a less complicated job. Things would be simplified even further if you use an intelligently designed cake serving set.
Occasions Where Using Cake Stands and Servers Is a Must
Ideally, you should use a cake stand whenever you are cutting a cake or serving it. However, most of us act casually when serving cakes to our family members and friends. However, there are certain occasions where you cannot do without a cake stand and serveware designed specifically for cakes and cupcakes.
The section below talks about those special occasions. The good news is that we offer cake stand online that would be suitable for all these occasions. Read on to know more.
Office Parties and Graduation Events: It has become extremely common to cut cakes at office parties. In fact, in most offices, cake cutting ceremonies are organised whenever someone gets a promotion, or the company cracks a difficult deal. Other than that, cakes are cut on the company’s foundation day, birthdays of employees, and so on.
When you are cutting and serving cakes inside an office, you must ensure that the dessert is served cleanly. You should be prepared to prevent accidental mess and the only way you can do that efficiently is by using a cake stand and servers.
For office parties, you don’t need to buy products that are too fancy. The functionality of the products is more important in such cases. As all stands and serving sets in our collection are eye-catching, even if you go for a simple MDF or wood stand, it will make the setup look beautiful.
Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries: These two occasions are the most special ones for almost every individual. Whether it’s your birthday or wedding anniversary, you would definitely want the cake to serve as a sign of prosperity, happiness, and maturity. Here also, preventing a mess is extremely important.
So, you should buy the necessary items required for arranging the cake properly and cutting it methodically. Additionally, having the right serving tools is also crucial. As you’ll browse through our collection of cake stands and servers, you’ll see products that will not only make serving easy but will also work as decorative items.
You’ll get these stands in a range of colours and designs. While the servers are available in royal tints like gold, silver, and copper, the choices available for stands are equally exciting. You will get solid-coloured stands as well as stands with floral motifs printed on them. So, you’ll be able to buy cake stands depending on the mood of your party.
If you are looking to serve cupcakes to your guests, you can also buy cupcake stand from our store.
New Year Eve Parties: These are by far the most happening parties organised during the year. These parties are about music, booze, and of course cakes. If you want to keep everything classy, having the right serveware and cake stands is a must.
For these events, you should ideally opt for multicolor cake stands that would grab the attention of onlookers instantly and will also make the setting look more vibrant.
Wedding Day: Nestroots’ online store has two-tier cake stands designed especially for weddings. We would advise you to pick a light-coloured wood piece with floral prints for your wedding day.
Buying Cake Stands and Servers Online Was Never So Easy
We have designed our collection and website to ensure that customers enjoy shopping at Nestroots. We will allow you to buy cake stand online without busting your budget or compromising with quality. All items in our collection are available for the best possible price.
We have managed to get positive reviews from all our customers also because of the versatility of our products. No offline or online store will allow you to choose from such a diverse collection.
To make life easier for buyers, we offer all possible payment options including cash on delivery, debit and credit cards, and net banking. Our shipping team is extremely efficient and will ensure that you get the ordered items quickly.
Over the years, we have had some of the biggest names of our country as customers. Have a look at our collection and you’ll definitely find pieces matching your needs.

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