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Authentic Chapatti Box Enamel Flowers Printed

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The smarter way to serve Chapattis in handcrafted wooden Casserole Roti Box has a tight-fitting stainless steel lid that locks in freshness and keeps Chapatis warm, fresh & hot. The kitchen Chapatti Box made with teak wood, features a Pink enamel tong to serve hot Rotis easily.

The smarter way to serve Chapattis in handcrafted wooden Casserole Roti Box has a tight-fitting stainless steel lid that locks in freshness and keeps Chapatis warm, fresh & hot. The kitchen Chapatti Box made with teak wood, features flowers printed enamel tong to serve hot Rotis easily.

Chapatti Box Online

Use this box for Serving your hot round Chapati at home. An elegant wooden roti box can be used for keeping and serving bread and pancakes for breakfast. The Wooden Chapatti Box for Party can be used for serving snacks, starters, samosas or momos, etc with help of stainless Steel tong.

The attractive Wooden Chapatti Box with Tong set is highly recommended for gifting your family, friends, and relatives at any festival or housewarming parties. The Wooden Casserole box can be used to organize your cosmetics or art & craft creatively.
Hygienic Box – the Roti Dabba is safe to store your hot Rotis because coated with Food Grade Lacquer.


Material: Base: Teak Wood, Lid and Tong: Stainless Steel with enamel printed;

Dimensions: Base: 9 Inches Diameter, Tong: 6 Inches;

Set Size: 1 Wooden Box, 1 Tong, 1 Lid ;

Color: Multicolor Enamel Printed


Wash Care: Wipe clean with a damp or wet cloth

Disclaimer: No direct contact with water or soap

Special Finishes: Treated Wood – Termite-proof wood, Food Grade Lacquer Coating – since it’s commonly used as a Chapatti Box.

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Chappati Box – Authentic Kitchenware for Your Home

Have you just purchased your new home or renovated the existing one? Do you want to give equip your kitchen with smart, stylish and authentic kitchenware? A wooden handcrafted chappati box, that is not only stylish and attractive but also serves its purpose most effectively, must be there in your list. Visit the online shopping store of Nestroots to buy a roti box online that will satisfy your taste.

It is one of those authentic items of kitchenware that holds the soul of the kitchen. Without it, a modern and well-furnished kitchen is incomplete. You can leave a unique impression in the mind of your guests, relatives and loved ones by serving the chappatis in a smarter way, which is using a handcrafted wooden casserole roti box. Make your dining experience special with the Nestroots’ distinctive designed dining accessories.

The casserole is an important item of kitchenware as it keeps the chappatis fresh, warm and hot, thus ready to be served any time. It is an attractive and authentic wooden box that add sophistication and style to your kitchen decor along with high utility.

Best Quality Roti Box

At Nestroots, the set contains 1 wooden roti box, 1 lid and 1 tong. The roti box is made with teak wood, coated with Food Grade Lacquer thus totally safe to serve the food. You get a wide range of variety in the lid, as you can either go for the silver lid, copper lid and gold lid. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the lid as it is made of stainless steel and coated with Food Grade Lacquer making it safe for serving food items. The set features a tong, thus making it easy to serve the hot rotis without touching them. It is made of rust-free iron which ensures the strength and long life span of the product.

With Nestroots, you don’t have to worry about the quality as it serves the best quality at an affordable price. To ensure the durability of the product, the wood is termite-proof and it is also baked so that it retains its shape and size in all weather conditions.

The best authentic and attractive casserole has a tight-fitting stainless-steel lid that ensures that hot chappatis remain fresh and warm.

Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

If you are planning to gift your loved ones usable kitchenware that is authentic and handcrafted then an attractive casserole is a great option. As they come in blue enamel, grey enamel, pink enamel flowers printed design to name a few, you can choose the one that suits the taste of your loved ones.

Apart from serving the fresh and warm chappatis, these boxes are the perfect way to give the new look and feel to your dining table as it is an attractive accessory. You don’t have to worry about the carrying capacity of the wooden chappatis box as the base is 9 inches in diameter and the tong is 6 inches long.

It is equally suitable for corporate gifting, thanksgiving, wedding gift and dining table décor. You can complement this with a greeting card to give a special touch to your gift.

Tips to Take Care of your Wooden Casserole Box

A few tips must be taken into account to keep your flower-printed casserole in sound condition and to ensure its durability and longevity.

• The wooden box must be wiped clean easily with a damp cloth.

• Make sure there is no direct contact with soap and water.

• Don’t microwave it.

Multipurpose Use of Wooden Casserole

You will be amazed to know that there is a versatile character attached to your chappati storage box. Give a twist to this authentic and elegant piece of kitchenware by putting it into multiple uses like

• Pan Cake Box

You can use the chappati storage box for serving pancakes in the morning. You can also use it to serve as a bread box as it keeps the bread soft and fresh.

• Serve Snacks to Guests

It is the best way to serve chips, snacks, samosas, pizza slices to name a few to guests. It leaves a fresh and unique impression on them.

• Serve Dim-sums

If you are a cafes and restaurants owner, you can use a chappatis storage box to serve momos. Its best quality ensures that food remains content hot and the tong helps to serve them without touching momos.

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