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The fruit and vegetable storage basket is designed for modern kitchens. The iron basket can hold daily fruits and vegetables with ease and organized way. Its classic silver color makes it more attractive and looks amazing when placed on a kitchen countertop. The open-wired fruit basket allows the airflow and keeps the veggies fresh.


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The fruit and vegetable storage basket is designed for modern kitchens. The iron basket can hold daily fruits and vegetables with ease and organized way. Its classic silver color makes it more attractive and looks amazing when placed on a kitchen countertop. The open-wired fruit basket allows the airflow and keeps the veggies fresh.

The basket can be used as a fruit storage stand for the kitchen and dining table. The metal basket can an ideal storage solution or an eye-catching centerpiece as it takes little space in your kitchen. It can be creatively used to store baby toys in these baskets. These are used in multiway to keep home accessories or cosmetics etc in one place.

A long-lasting metallic fruit basket can be an ideal gift for your friends and relatives as a hamper with fruits, chocolates, and cookies.




Material: iron

Dimensions: L X B X H : 10.5 X 10.5 X 4 inch

Set Size: 1 Fruit basket

Special Finishes: Food Grade Powder Coating – since it’s commonly used for keeping fruits and vegetables

Wash Care: Wipe down with a damp cloth and towel dry. Wipe down as necessary to prevent dirt build-up.

Disclaimer: No direct contact with water.

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Are you facing issues in organizing the fruits and vegetables? Are they occupying more space than you expected? Offering a wide range of decorative kitchen baskets, Nestroots has a solution for your problem. These kitchen baskets can be used to store fruits and vegetables, thus giving them an organized look. They are not only the attractive décor and stylish kitchenware but also provide you the smart ease and comfort.

Kitchen Baskets – Smart Way to Organize Fruits and Vegetable

Attractive kitchen baskets are a must-have for your modern kitchen. They can be used to store fruits as well as vegetables. They are no less than a piece of the decorative item when placed on kitchen platforms, in the living rooms and even on the dining tables. They are less spacious and mingle well with other stainless kitchenware. On the online shopping store of Nestroots, you buy the best kitchen baskets at affordable prices. Here you get a wide range of structures options like round, oval, vertical to name a few to choose from.

Fruit baskets are important in every modern home as they can store a different variety of fruits. By placing them in the center place, fresh fruits are easily available and accessible by every member of the family. They serve as a pretty and practical centerpiece for house warm-up parties, get-together among others as guests can easy approach the fresh fruits of their choice.

Vegetable baskets help you to give a unique and modern touch to your vegetables such as onion, potato, ginger to name a few. Some vegetables can’t be stored in the refrigerator and must be kept out of it. Vegetables like onion, potato, ginger to name a few must be kept open to avoid their rotting. They help in storing such vegetables with ease and in an organized manner. As they are open, they avoid their rotting.

Variety of Kitchen Baskets

At Nestroots, you get the best quality. Here you not only get attractive kitchen baskets but also of premium quality. Here you find a wide range of fruits and vegetable baskets, you can choose classic black knob, stylish floral basket, stylish silver basket, oval and round-shaped baskets.

If you looking for wooden kitchen baskets, then you can go for an attractive black color iron basket that comes with a wooden stand. This open wire basket allows airflow thus keeping the vegetable and fruit fresh. Hence perfectly crafted for the modern kitchen. You can also buy an attractive mesh kitchen basket with a wooden base. It is coated with food-grade powder, thus making it perfect for keeping fruits and vegetables. The classic silver color iron basket comes with a wooden lid giving an attractive and amazing look and feel when placed on a kitchen countertop.

At Nestroots, you get an open wired kitchen basket, it gives breathing space to fruits and vegetables thus prevents the creation of ethylene gas. Thus, keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh.

To ensure the durability and the strength of classic and stylish kitchen décor you must keep a few care tips in mind such as wipe down to prevent dirt build-up with a damp cloth. Don’t use it in direct contact with water.

Check Reviews to Take Rational Decision

Before you buy any kitchen product, you must go through the reviews section. It is where verified buyers give their reviews about the product. Such reviews are not only genuine and authentic but they are of vital importance as they carry detailed information about the product, its positive and negative aspects.

Besides this, reviews build your trust in the product. Furthermore, they save your time as you get the personal experience of the buyer thus helping you to take the rational decision.

Thoughtful Gift Item

If you are planning to present a Get Well Soon greeting card to your loved one who is sick, then you can complement it with a fruits basket. As they have a good storage capacity and are easy to customize, you can add a variety of fruits to the baskets. Due to the open wired structure of such baskets, fruits remain fresh for a long time. Such a thoughtful gift is useful for the receiver.

Besides this, they are the healthiest present that you can present to your loved ones on special occasions. They are a great corporate gift as well. They can be used as fruit hampers especially in the wedding season. For diet and fitness conscious these baskets make the most appropriate gift.

Multipurpose Usage of Kitchen Baskets

Apart from using these kitchen baskets to store fruits and vegetables, you can put them into multiple usages like –

• Cosmetics Box

You can easily store your cosmetics in one place thus making it possible for you to get everything in one place. Accessibility and availability become easy with cosmetics boxes.

• Toy Box

If you have kids at home then keeping all the toys organized in one place can be a tedious task. You can use a kitchen box to store the toys of your kids, thus making them easily accessible.

User-Friendly Shopping Experience

When you buy a fruits basket online from the shopping store of Nestroots, you get the best quality at an affordable price. Its website is user friendly so that you can have the utmost level of satisfaction and comfort while buying attractive kitchen products.

Its entire purchasing process from adding items to the cart to making an online payment is defined as a seamless and smooth one. With Nestroots, you will never complain about the late delivery of the products, as they are delivered right at your doorstep at the right time. Its after sales services make sure that you remain satisfied everytime. Its easy return and exchange policy keep you away from all the worries. To value your feedback, at Nestroots you can freely post your review helping other buyers to make an informed decision.

You can avail of heavy discounts and offers from time to time especially during the festive season to present your loved ones with beautiful designed and attractive kitchenware.

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