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Aluminium Gold Floral High Stool

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Add a contemporary touch to your home with the Lustrous Floral Leaf Style Gold Stool from NESTROOTS. Ideal as a coffee table, extra seat, or cocktail table , it blends with any decor.

Nestroots Gold Floral style stool are often matched in contrast with the White or Blue Sofa on its own in your front room.

Make any corner of your house look more appealing with this Luxurious Bright Gold stool ottoman. This stool is easy to carry thus has versatile placement choice.

Thus, The Metallic stool is made of good quality materials which makes it very durable. It is crafted with fine metal. The top of the stool is designed in leaf style which makes it very pretty and very easy to carry.

You can use this stool for various purposes. Also, you can use it as a pouffe, puffy, ottoman, side stool, dressing table, sitting stool, coffee table, or stool. It is a great choice as it fulfills several purposes.


  • Elegant Floral Style Top
  • Versatile Placement choice
  • Luxurious and elegantly styled.
  • Floral Shape
  • Rust free
  • Easy to Clean
  • Country of origin – India



  • Metallic Gold Coated
  • Aluminium Metal
  • Hard metal solids


  • Length: 16 inch
  • Width: 14 inch
  • Height: 21 inch

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Elegance Unfolded with Nestroots Side Tables Online!

Sleek, stylish and practical, side tables are a perfect piece of furniture that compliments any living space. Whether to keep your favourite book, a drink at hand or that beautiful lampshade – these side tables have a place for everything. Buy side table online at Nestroots and explore our delightful range of perfect finishes and sizing.

We are your #1 destination for timeless forever furniture, bringing to you chic and exclusive designs of side tables for living room. From classic styles to more contemporary and trendy designs, these modern end tables are your best buys. Our one-of-a-kind high-stool corner table designs with an attractive metal finish will instantly accentuate any space – visually and functionally.

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A living room side table is an amazing accent piece that can significantly uplift the ambience and décor mood of the space. However, shopping for the perfect end tables that complement your style and space can be challenging. Nestroots is here to help with one of the most fascinating selections of side tables online.

A luxurious piece of furniture that adorns your modern living room. A catch-all for your romantic rainy day reads or your favourite martini. Our side tables will never fail to impress you. They are an extension of your life’s everyday bliss, whether you spend time with yourself or your loved ones.

With eye-catching designs and sleek compact designs, shopping for your perfect side table is no longer restricted to Nestroots. For those cosy living rooms, our small side table is the best match. They seamlessly fit into the space and add to its functionality. And for lavish spaces, you can pick our luxurious collection of round side tables with floral-designed tops and sleek lines.

For a quirkier addition to your living room, choose our gold metallic bar stool which will lend a touch of drinking at a splendid luxury hotel. At Nestroots, we have ditched the traditional wooden side tables and embraced classy & modern designs in metal. These end tables are meticulously engineered from premium-quality aluminium and copper which are tested to last forever.

They can be paired with any contemporary chair or ottoman, creating a different and unique corner along with your luxurious sofa setting. Buy at Nestroots for ultra-chic designs of living room side tables.

Nestroots Side Tables – Where Rustic Elegance Meets Contemporary Hues

Not just any side table – ours are one-of-a-kind and select pieces that you will find nowhere. And that’s why we have picked metal as our choicest material that will adorn your home more beautifully.

We have a fondness for aluminium which is strong, durable and will last the test of time. This gives our end tables its slim and trendy appeal with long legs that resemble a high stool, typically a bad stool. Copper is another top pick that is resilient and will withstand your daily use. The metals can be polished to achieve a golden, silver or copper finish, whichever matches your interior décor.

These rustic high stools get a contemporary makeover as we top these with appealing designs and shapes. For instance, our Aluminium Copper Rustic High Stool features a shield-shaped top with artistic patterns that lend a unique visual touch to the side table. Or take our top seller Aluminium Floral High Stool (Gold) which is a round side table but with a beautiful floral design that will instantly catch your eyes.

Each of our accent pieces is meticulously curated to form a unique artwork that is exclusive to the side table. For an inimitable touch to your living room, choose our Gold Metallic Bar Stool that resembles a true serving stool you will find in a bar. Its gold accent with a round top and holding rails make it a perfect piece in your living room or bar.

Thus, the rustic build of metal harmoniously blends with contemporary and modern artwork to create a side table you will love to flaunt at your home.

Choosing the Right Side Table for Living Room – Get Tips from Our Experts

Metal, acrylic or wood? Low or high? Round or square? With numerous options available online today, choosing the right one for your living room can be daunting. So, here are some quick guidelines from Nestroots experts.

• Height: This is one of the most crucial considerations – height. Typically, your side table should be just below or at an equal level of the arm of the seating arrangement, it is next to. The height of a standard sofa arm may range between 24 and 32 inches. And thus, our high stools will perfectly complement your seat. Even if you have an armless side chair or ottoman, our small side tables can be your best bet.

• Visual Appeal: If you are on the hunt, you’d know the array of styles and shapes out there in the market. As such, it can be difficult to settle on a look. In this situation, it helps to add contrast to the room. If your room features upholstered furniture pieces with striking patterns, you can offset the visual texture and soft edges with a more streamlined design like our Round Copper High Stool or Aluminium High Stool (Silver).

If the living room aesthetic inclines towards modern, you may want to have leggy pieces for a more contemporary touch. And we have the perfect pieces that flaunt straight angles but by adding a bit of curviness.

• Shape: For a square room, pick our round side tables that help achieve the perfect balance. In fact, you can never go wrong with a round shape. Square tables are good if you want more surface space. Otherwise, you can pick our quirky shaped tables for an ultimate look.

• Function & Storage: The practicality of the side table should be customised to your needs. If you want more storage space, choose tables with open shelves or drawers. However, that would look too clumsy as a side table, especially if the square footage is less. Pick sleek designs that not only look awesome but also give you abundant surface space.

For the finest selection of side tables online, browse through our products at Nestroots.

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